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 Globalink VoIP Service Demo Affordable Web Hosting*Start up for less than $499 USD initial investment

*Great plan for people who know a lot about sales and marketing, but may not have as much technical knowledge

*Although not entirely private-branded, we can show you ways to incorporate your own brand into the process and to do your own unique marketing plan

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*Your own private branding of most services

*Your own private website to sell with

*"Reseller-in-a-box" - everything you need to get started in your own VOIP business

Globalink Voip Phone Service*For the more tech-oriented entrepreneur, or the businessperson who has "techie" people who can help sort out the details (or if you are willing to invest in a few extra service hours for extra help from our support team)


*Specialized services for the VOIP professional.

*Buy large quantities of voip minutes, DID numbers, etc. to get the best discounts

*Can bundle your own services as you like; pick and choose the services you need

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We'll be glad to help you decide which program may be right for you and your unique business situation. 

Please contact us, and we can discuss the options with you.  Affordable Web Hosting

Worldkom.Net Hosted VoIP PBX


Spending too much for your office phone service?  Or, is it time to upgrade, and you dread the whole process (downtime, spending $500+ per extension, fitting more complicated hardware in backroom, etc.)?  Good news for you---if you use the latest technology to upgrade your office phone system (or get a whole new office phone system going), you can not only save a lot of money (like around $400 savings per extension in many cases), but you can also offer a lot more great options if you have an outside sales staff that needs extensions at home or on the road. 
In fact, you can have extensions anywhere in the world, and it will work just the same as if they were right there physically in your office!  It's all possible using VOIP technology, routing calls through the internet, and using a Hosted PBX, where our software does all the hard work that your old in-house hardware PBX system used to do, plus a whole lot more. 
So, you can choose from lots more options and spend a lot less money.  If you have multiple locations, you can even route all calls through one place, just to keep things simpler. 
Customers can now communicate more efficiently using Hosted PBX services with all the bells and whistles of enterprise class business PBX without actually purchasing a hardware system! You can now customize features and control setting online and in real time from anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection. You will also  be able to view in real time all calls made to and from your organization.

Hosted PBX Services  are great for:-
Businesses with a substantial traveling sales force
Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) that need a good PBX/Voice-Mail System without the expenses of having hardware based systems.

Corporations with geographically dispersed locations

Any company without sufficient reception staff to take  messages for employees

Telecommunication companies providing telephone connectivity to remote offices

Telecom Resellers  offering enhanced Next Generation Services

How does it work?

The caller dials the desired number directly and the  call is then sent over the company's high speed Internet connection via a Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) gateway or the company's existing PBX at very low local or international VoIP call rates. There are no taxes with VoIP calls.


 Abbreviated dialing is available when dialing a number within the same enterprise  (locations can be anywhere in the world) and the calls are FREE!

Authorized Users may log into their online web interface at any time to access call history records ( CDRs) , payment information, with a wide range of language options and many additional features.

It allows transparent migration as users may retain their current telephone numbers and extensions, or else integrate their existing PBX system. Roaming users or employees who work from home can access the same system.  Roaming sales staff can access the system from anywhere there is an internet connection!


Enhanced business -class phone features  for very large office phone systems and/or digital phones, with no equipment upgrade or installation required. Standard features include: call forwarding , caller ID, call waiting and call transfer to name a few.


Virtual Office/ IP PBX ( Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange ) - Virtual Assistant answers, screens and routes calls to virtually any location, provides company staff with unified virtual extension numbers, and processes large volumes of simultaneous calls.


Auto Attendant - an automated  interactive voice response system that answers phones and performs operator/ receptionist duties ( transferring calls to extensions within the company's phone system, screening calls, offering callers directory assistance for the correct extension.


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